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Making the Most Out of a Health Care Visit

One of the most intimidating and anxiety-ridden aspects of caring for a loved one is the healthcare visit. How can we make this less stressful? Read the tips below featuring our friends Physician's Assistant Leslie and Nurse Practitioner Megan.



Prepare for the health care visit to make it as productive as possible.

  • Check in with your loved one. Make note of any behavioral, diet-related changes, challenges, pains, or side effects from medications. 

  • Keep your notes in one place. Doing so makes it easier to notice themes.

  • As you review your notes, identify the most important things to discuss with the healthcare practitioner. This becomes your agenda.



Use your agenda.

  • Some of the healthcare professional’s questions may be answered by your agenda. 

  • Make sure you have your phone or notebook to take notes during the appointment.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The healthcare team is there to help.

  • If you run out of time, ask to follow up via phone or email. You can also ask to speak to a nurse practitioner or someone else another member of the care team.



Review your notes.

  • Once you’ve returned home, and after you've made arrangements for any new medications, review your notes.

  • Talk with your loved one to see if they have questions.

  • Reward yourself with a snack of your choice.

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