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Our Team

The CG360 & Caregiver Revolution Team!

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I spent 22 years as a caregiver for my Mother, but it wasn't until she passed away that I recognized my true purpose and passion. While grieving, it became clear to me that I needed to improve access to information and help unpaid caregivers navigate for their loved ones while prioritizing their health. CG360 is the result of personal experiences, research, and caregiver lessons learned. 

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Due to a family illness, I became the guardian of my two nephews. At the same time, I also became the primary caregiver of my parents in their 70s. Over the years, Erna and I discussed the issues we faced in elder healthcare while juggling life responsibilities. I have a passion for serving the senior community and supporting those who care for the elderly. 

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I helped raise my nieces and nephews at the age of 14 and became my Mother's primary caregiver at 21. With 35 years of unpaid caregiver experiences, I have seen the shortcomings of our medical, legal, and federal programs that were meant to support both the young and old. I joined CG360 to bring my experiences to the table and make a difference.

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I'm a software development consultant focused on healthcare integrations in the HL7 FHIR standard. I strive for better health outcomes through high-quality and scalable technology projects. My experiences inspire my desire to empower patients and caregivers through reliable medical resources and a kind, helpful community.

CG360 Advisors:

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I’m looking forward to working with talented and brilliant people who have a shared vision regarding the important role of caregivers in our families, communities, and nation. I want to provide resources to caregivers, so they understand that they do not have to take this journey alone.

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Caregiving is interwoven through my personal and professional journeys having supported multiple loved ones through end of life and working in the aging and health sectors for over 25 years at a systems level. I am committed to contributing to systems change through my business. 

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Those within the health system have access to information that more patients need. I'm happy to contribute my experiences and advice to this team. I'd like to have an online resource that helps caregivers take care of their loved ones and themselves. 

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